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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another one bites the dust

One more pound down...

...I am glad that I lost something, but admit that I am a bit disappointed not to have lost just ONE ADDITIONAL pound so that I could be at my 5% goal and get my pedicure! (And yes, Misty, this will be my first EVER pedicure! I have heretofore been a do-it-yourself toe painter).

Oh well. 212.2 is the number of the day.  I will reach my goal next week, I will! I will! And then I will announce my 10% goal reward (warning: it will be TMI).
Cheers, everyone!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Wee Update to the "About Me" Paragraph

The "About Me" paragraph now reads that I am the mother of an awesome 15 year old daughter, Katie.  Today is my sweetie baby's birthday (Woop!).  She is now old enough to get her driver's permit (YIKES!).

Katie is a super great child, and it makes me happy that I can say that about a teenager! I never had a good relationship with my mom; my sister and niece (now 21) have been going at it since she turned about 13. So I am very, very pleased and feel very, very blessed that Katie and I are tight.  In honor of Miss Katie, I thought I would show off her cuteness. 
I've posted this one before. It was taken 15 years ago tomorrow:

Coming Home - June 7, 1994
Arguably the BEST Katie-Mommy pic evah:

Katie (age 3 years, 1 day) & Mommy at Disney World - 1997
Another one from the same trip:

Sean (nephew, age 7), Katie (age 3) and Lauren (niece, age 9)
To see how time flies in the blink of an eye, here is a relatively recent one of the three of them:

Katie (age 14), Sean (age 19), and Lauren (age 21) - Christmas 2008
This was my 21st birthday. We were out for a WILD night at TGI Friday's (or maybe it wasn't so wild, actually!):

Katie (age 3), Mommy & a friend - 1997
I love this next picture because she was so little! She doesn't wear her hair in pigtails anymore and she doesn't hug me like this when walking through museums:

Katie (age 8) and Mommy at the Museum of Science and Industry - 2003
Just 4 years ago she still looked mostly like a little girly:

Katie (age 11) and Mommy - 2005
One, that's right ONE year later, she looked like this: 

Katie and her friend, Grace (age 12) 
Can you imagine having legs like that at TWELVE!?!?! Maybe you all did, but I didn't. Weird.

And here is a present-day montage she made honoring her new great love, Mr. Spock (in case you're not a nerd, LL&P stands for Live Long and Prosper):

Clockwise from top, left: New Spock, Grace, Old Spock, and Katie
I never thought Katie would be this old before I had another baby.  And that's thinking positively.  Alternatively, I never thought my baby-having days would be over at 17.  Life is awfully unpredictable, huh? No matter what life hands me, one thing will always be true: I am wonderfully blessed and happy to be Katie's mom.
Happy Birthday, Katie! Live Long and Prosper!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two More

Two more POUNDS that is! Actually, 2.2 pounds...because the Weight Watchers scales are that precise. Although I don't think their accuracy really supports reporting results to that precision (because my sister weighed 0.2 pounds differently on 2 different scales sitting right next to each other - we call that reproducibility), but that is just the analytical nerd in me talking!

So my new number is 213.2!

Can you believe I weighed 221.8 only 2 weeks ago?!?!?!?!?!? YAY! Speaking of being a nerd, my daughter (formerly an anti-nerd) has fully embraced her inner nerd over the last month or so. We started playing Dungeons and Dragons (I know! How nerdy!) because it was a dream of mine since Junior High when the boys in my neighborhood wouldn't let me play (pouts). I was chatting with a new co-worker a couple of months ago and he mentioned that he plays and I begged (BEGGED) him to let me play. He explained to me that established groups don't typicaly like to take on newbies (double pout), but he said he would DM (be the Dungeon Master for) my very own group. So, I had to recruit people to do it with me, becuase, really, there aren't that many people around clamoring to play D&D when you're 32 years old...(not, at least, in my experience). This meant that I had to coerce Forest and Katie to play with me. Katie's friend Grace was ALL FOR IT (she has a Geek Streak, luckily) and they invited their friend Mitch from school. So that is our little band of nerds :-) 

Then there's Star Trek. Katie was formerly very dismissive of Star Trek...until she saw the new movie and became smitten with Spock (how cute is that!?). Now she's seen the movie twice, is listening to the audiobook, begged me to go to Burger King so she could get a Star Trek action figure (she got Spock!), and made Spock her computer backdrop. Then, yesterday, she watched 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory we had saved on the DVR. I think the nerd transformation is complete, don't you? 

Anyway, 2.2 pounds is my progress for the week. I don't think that quite merits a reverse belly pic, but when I get to my 5% goal (only 3 more pounds to go!) I am rewarding myself with my very first pedicure and I will post a picture of the 210 pound me with pretty toes ( least with painted would take more than a pedicure to actually make them pretty). Caio, bellas!!!