Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had my first normal-pregnant-lady OB appointment today!  Here are some bullet point highlights:
  • I got the H1N1 vaccine - meh: why not?
  • I get to have the 24-hour urine experience (Yahoo!) because I had preecclampsia when I delivered Katie so she wants to monitor me closely in the 3rd trimester. She wants to see what my "baseline" 24-hour urine specimen shows to evaluate any changes later.
  • I got an order for the normal pregnancy lab draw - blood typing, Rh factor, HIV test, baseline platelets & stuff.
  • Because I am a chubby-momma, I should only gain 15-20 pounds over the pregnancy.  I'm supposed to make "good food choices". I shall do my best.
  • She did an ultrasound "for fun" even though I had one at the RE on Friday.  The baby looks all awesome & stuff, so that was fun to see.  She showed me both hemispheres of his brain with the CSF in between - that was pretty kick ass!
  • I get to stop the Lovenox!!!! She said that she's just not into it, she never would have put me on it for an MTHFR mutation - it hasn't been demonstrated to have a benefit and it could cause problems later if preecclampsia becomes an issue. So, I am DONE with the burning, painful, bruise-causing torture shots!
  • She is in concurrence with the RE's recommendation to discontinue the progesterone on Saturday, at 8 weeks.  So I only have 2 more PIO shots - one tonight and one on Friday! And only 9 more icky vaginal suppositories.  I hate them.  They have caused quite a bit of external irritation (sorry for the TMI) and I hate them (did I already say that? well - I DO!).
  • I got a bag of treasures! Like magazines and pamphlets and what-not.  Actually I don't know what all is in it because I haven't started digging into it yet (that's next on my agenda for the evening).
So that is my update. Next appointment in 4 weeks on January 13th. I am very happy. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cooler than I thought

The ultrasound today was AWESOME! We could see our *giant* baby in its gestational sac as soon as the wand went in.  Forest saw the heartbeat immediately.  It was sooooooo cool.  His heartbeat is 119 bpm. That's right - I've decided it's a boy. I'm sure I have a 50% chance of being correct :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Think Little Orphan Annie...

The wand'll come out...Tomorrow
Check here for an update sometime tomorrow...
There'll be one.

The purpose of the scan...Tomorrow
Is to see the heartbeat of our daughter
Or our son.

Though the ultrasound screen may
be gray
and grainy
When he sticks the wand in
My head will spin
And we'll pray....

Tomorrow, tomorrow;
A heartbeat!...Tomorrow.
You're only a day away.

Okay, so that seemed significantly more clever in my head :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Questions from a Sleepy Regulatory Affairs Associate

Does being tired count as "sick" for purposes of saying, "Boss, I'm sick. I need to go home so I can lie down."?

Do you think I'm tired because I am Oh-So-Very-Knocked-Up?

Can you make peanut butter spicy?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5w4d - Ultrasound Day

Well, we have one gestational sac containing one fetal pole just like we're supposed to! Yay :)  Forest said the baby looks like a lump and is now calling him "Lumpy". Nice, Forest. Nice.

I get another ultrasound next Thursday at 6w5d and we will *hopefully* see the heartbeat.  Then I'm released to my OB (where I surruptitiously already made an appointment for 12/15 - 7w3d, tee hee).

Still zero symptoms. I feel great - no complaints. The only silly thing I'm chalking up to pregnancy is that I am wanting spicy food All.The.Time. Like every day I'm thinking Thai, Chinese, or Indian. I put Frank's Hot Sauce on my pizza and sandwiches. Forest gave me a bottle of cayenne pepper to spice up my bland Healthy Choice lunches. That's werid, huh? 

And we broke our sex hiatus last week, so everyone is happy (screw those overzealously conservative pun intended).