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Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Exactly a Reverse Belly Pic

Last time I suggested that I would post reverse belly pics so that you could see my progress on la diet. I have not really taken any yet, but I thought I could post this video and it can work to demonstrate my "before" state and also my silliness state, to dispel any thoughts that I am a serious and reserved girl (this is a repeat for anyone who knows me on Facebook).

If you're not familiar with what we are doing, it is from the Cutest.Show.Ever. (The Big Bang Theory):

So...that's my post for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weigh In Results

Thank you guys so much for your encouraging words in my comments!!! It means so much to me to have your support!

I was really excited about my Weight Watchers meeting this week and bummed that I had to wait an extra day because they were closed yesterday for the holiday.  I knew I'd have a good number because I could tell I've lost.  Are you ready for this???


I lost 6.4 pounds!

I am so proud of me :-)

Also, I started my cycle on Sunday. It was 37 days long.  That's not so bad. So far this year I'm just happy I've had my period each month.   
Maybe this weight loss thing will turn things around. It certainly can't hurt, right!?!?!? I'll keep you posted!  

Maybe I should post reverse-belly-pics??

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A quickly-like update

Because my aforementioned shiny new genius doctor has convinced me that losing some poundage is seriously in my best interest and the existence of my adorable future babies virtually depends on it, I have joined Weight Watchers.
Tell me your proud of me...for serious!

My sister and my friend Amanda joined with me, so I have, like, a support group and everything! And Jen, per your comment, I am WAY ready for an eating healthy buddy so that I can be WAY ready to be belly buddies with Tricia (Wow. It's been a long time since I said "belly buddies").

So in addition to being accountable to my sister, my friend, and the whole Weight Watchers organization, I am also going to be accountable to you, blog friends. My starting weight on Monday was 221.8 (I know. Ouch.). But since you know I rock 221.8 pounds, I am not afraid to share this with you who love me anyway. I will post my (hopefully spectacular) updates each week.
In cycle news, I am a week late. Not that this means anything for a girl like me. I will test tomorrow* in case a miracle happened.

Cheers! Love you all!

*ETA: BFN Wednesday morning. But that's okay. Maybe next month!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Should I blog about this? I officially kicked Hott George to the curb by moving on. I saw my new genius doctor this afternoon. She is very smart and I like her. HOWEVER. She doesn't want to do get pregnant stuff with me. She thinks I need the expert services of an RE since I have "so much going on". We did the well-woman thing and she said that I should make another appointment if I want to:
  1. talk about PCOS management
  2. get on OCs to regulate my cycles
  3. have her provide OB services for the baby that I am magically going to conceive on my own after following her brilliant advice*
The highlight was that I got two (that's right TWO) vaginal exams for the price of one! Genius Doctor was training a Physician's Assistant and, as someone who has had countless people checking out her bejingo over the last year, I was more than willing to let her palpate my uterus. Good times. 

* For the first time, a real-life doctor person told me to EXERCISE my fat ass and lose 10% of my body weight. After which my ovaries might just spontaneously decide to play nice. So, since she is a genius and a doctor and I like her...I am going to try. I'm sorta kind of back on the horse, I guess. Or maybe I'm just looking at the horse, kind of walking around it...wondering if I should really get back on or not. Last time the horse threw me off the back and sort of kicked me a few times and then kicked dirt on me, so, I'm still on the fence. So...uh...wish me luck!!!