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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got Records?

My medical records from George's office came in the mail today! I'm so excited!!! It was like this:
My hott OB/GYN George
The mail
I'm pretty excited about this - I've been waiting 3 weeks. And there it is: my 16 month Infertile Journey - all laid out on 58 pages of lab reports, surgery reports, and treatment notes.
I will hand-deliver my records to my RE tomorrow. She will review them and decide what additional tests she wants me to have done. Maybe I can do those tests this week! Maybe she'll really let me start the Lupron for an IVF cycle as soon as my progesterone results come back tomorrow (yeah, yeah, I still haven't done my progesterone test..) even though I haven't had the IVF Orientation yet (yes, I realize the chances of this are pretty slim).
Either way, I'm excited to have these firmly in hand so that I'm not WAITING on anyone else (which I hate! I like to do my own procrastinating).
I was planning to kick George's hott ass to the curb - mainly because I have some fundamental disagreements with the way his nurses make treatment decisions (and the fact that the nurses were directing my care for so long in the first place) and with the fact that he put me on Lupron to supress my "microscopic" endometriosis after laparoscopy last year, which in my completely non-medical opinion (unless you count 4 years of pharmacy school that ended with me divorcing husband #1, slipping into unmedicated depression, skipping 4 out of every 5 classes, failing all classes due to aforementioned skippage, and dropping out, which, you know, I do) was a big, fat, stupid waste of time AND did not magically result in my ovaries deciding to ovulate every month or in more than 24% of Forest's sperm deciding to swim in a straight line - weird, huh? (Wow! That was quite an impressive run-on sentence, there, n'est pas?)
BUT - after looking through my records I am now thinking about keeping him. I think his office means really, really well and they did do a lot for me and they didn't make me "try" for a year before doing testing and ovulation induction to at least give us a shot. I just think they are in over their heads trying to do the work of an RE. For gynecological surgery and obstetrical care, I think George will still rock.
I dunno. I guess I'll worry about getting knocked up first and leave the 'To George, or not to George' issue for Future Amy to deal with.

So, for today's question: Do you guys think it's overkill to make a binder for the RE separated by cycle with labels for the tests & stuff? I mean, I know she's a doctor and all, but I think some of it could use some context, like: "Cycle 1 (Jun-07) CD3 Tests" or something.


JamieD said...

It might be a little overkill but it is exactly what I would do, so who am I to point fingers?!?!

I would probably also to a little color coordinating with different highlighters, too.

(Good for you getting your own records for your RE! It is amazing how sending paperwork from one office to another can get so jacked up)

Sarah said...

Oh gosh, I certain don't have any authory on the subject, but the binder sounds like a good idea to me.

"I like to do my own procrastinating" I'm with ya! Yay for records!!

Leslie Laine said...

I don't think it's overkill at all! I think that it might help the doctor get to what the need more expediently, which will hopefully lead to you getting what you want more expediently! :)

Anonymous said...

I say go ahead and organize everything, add information, etc. I definitley suggest keeping a copy of those records for yourself. You paid for them and it will be something you can look back over when you are big, fat, swollen and uncomfortably pregnant and say "I went through all that to get to this". But, then you can hold it over your LO's head when s/he is back talking you and say "Mommy and Daddy went through all this to bring you into this world...that's why we are right". lol

BTW, I love you girl!