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Thursday, September 18, 2008

IVF = No Big Deal?

Okay, blog friends: I need some input. Am I weird to think that IVF is not really scary? I mean, I think this clown is really scary:
But I think IVF is cool and exciting. More like a trip to Bora Bora than an evil clown:
Am I in the minority here? It just doesn't seem like that much more than ovulation induction with injectables + IUI. So now I'm just hoping it's significantly more successful than those have been for me.
While I'm on the subject, I know some ladies hate vaginal ultrasounds, but I think the transducer looks rather...almost...friendly:
I just asked my husband for an adjective to describe it and he said, "E.T.'s finger?" Now, I've never really considered E.T.'s finger doing the job of the transducer there, but the healing touch of E.T.!?!? How can that be undesirable?

So, what say you?


Sarah said...

Clown = Scary! IVF = Neat-o. The injectables are sort of sucky, but hoping up on a exam table, shoving in some babies seeds to grow, then taking that table on a fun upside down ride? Man... sounds like a carnival ride to me!As for the vag-ultrasound? I think the key to its enjoyment... is a hot OB/GYN... as I know you can appreciate! ;-)Relaxation is the key before the ET finger probe (which I think the husband got 100% on the money).

JamieD said...

Clown def equals scary!! Totally does not rank up with IVF.

When I think of IVF, I think pain in the terms of finances than physical pain, really.

Amanda said...

You're hilarious, I love the added visual aids!
I agree that clowns are scary.. eww totally freak me out really! But IVF, nope not scary! Actually I can't wait til I can partake in it myself ;)

Leslie Laine said...

I absolutely love the E.T. analogy. Truthfully, it brings tears to my eyes. E.T. is a very special childhood memory for me, and thinking of it in comparison to the miracle of a successful IVF really hits home for me! After my IVF teaching last week, I have been completely fascinated with the whole prospect of actually being able to create embryos - that will feel like we've come so much further than we've been so far! Thanks for this post - I think it really rocks!

Tricia said...

HAHA! Only Forest would think the transducer looks like ET's finger! OMG! I spit coffee through my nose when I read that. DARN YOU FOREST..DARN YOU! LOL!