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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Entering the Blogosphere

Wow - I'm actually blogging! This is my attempt to tell my complicated infertility story and my journey to **hopefully** have a baby with the most awesome, wonderful, spectacular, astonishingly magnificent husband in the universe. I know you all probably think your husbands are pretty neat, but mine is simply the best. I should know - I've been through some husbands. But that is a story for another blog... I was inspired to blog by some wonderful and witty ladies who formerly posted in the "trying to conceive" section of a popular pregnancy-centric website. As one of these ladies blogged, that site recently jumped the shark and went through a period of utter goofyness (which, I'm sorry to say, I might have instigated, rather inadvertently). Anyway, these ladies have great blogs like Conceive This!, The Baby Blog, Dreaming of Baby, and waiting on the womb to change. So I guess I'll start with my current status and maybe fill in the background as I go. I am getting ready to start my first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle. When I get to day 21 of this cycle (next Monday - 9/22), I will have my progesterone level checked to see if I ovulated (see, the whole tricky ovulation business is where my lady parts generally get hung up...hence the need for infertility treatments). If I didn't ovulate (which will be the highly likely result of this test), I will start provera to bring on my period. I'll take that for 10 days, then once my new, exciting cycle starts, I'll go in for a 4-D ultrasound of my uterine lining (to make sure there are no polyps...I'm prone to those) and a trial embryo transfer <---- this is to allow them to "map" my cervix and record the depth of my uterus (I'm sure it's really deep, I went to good schools, pondered existential philosophies, etc.). Then I'll start Lupron to tire out my poor little pituitary gland so that it can't secrete any pesky leutinizing hormone (LH) too early, which would cause me to ovulate before the super-exciting retreival. Next step: start follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) injections (I'm an old pro at this) and wait to mature some beautiful follicles!
So, I hope this all sounds as exciting to anyone reading this as it does to me! Here's to 2009 babies for everyone!


Sarah said...

Exciting. Exhausting. exasperating. Fingers crossed for you!

Amanda said...

I'm sooo excited for you and seriously can't way to see that BFP!!!

Murgdan said...

Welcome to Blog-Land! Wow...glad to see you're starting IVF! So hope that does it for you guys! As I'm sure you read...we're headed that way eventually. Suck.

Sorry I bailed the 'boards'...but I just couldn't take the madness anymore. Bah!

Sarah said...

Yahoo! Glad you are here in the world 'o blog!! ;-)

JamieD said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I am sorry it is because of IF, but still happy to meet you!

I hope everything goes well with your first (and hopefully only) IVF.