Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers


This is my attempt to tell the WHOLE story.  If you need more details - just ask. I'll fill it all it in :)

July 1988
Forest (30)
Forest has vasectomy, thinking his testicles have fulfilled all intentions for lifetime reproductive.

June 1994 
Amy (17)
Katie Elizabeth born June 6th. 7 lbs. 12 oz. 19 1/2 inches. Perfect.

March 1997
Amy (21)
Divorce giant jerk of a 1st husband

August 2001
Forest (43), Amy (25)
Meet: Love at first sight.

October 2001
Forest (43), Amy (25)
Amy marries giant jerk of a 2nd husband even though the relationship is a total and complete bust by this point.  Particularly in light of the August 2001 entry...

April 2002
Amy (25)
TIA symptoms (aphasia/speech confusion/visual disturbance); physician diagnoses "atypical migraine" induced by stress

June 2002
Forest (44), Amy (25)
Divorce giant jerk of a 2nd husband

July 2002
Forest (44), Amy (25)
Move in with Forest

May 2005
Forest (48), Amy (28)
Notice irregular bleeding; stress induces bleeding no matter where I am in my cycle

December 2005

Forest (48), Amy (29)
After 7 months of irregular bleeding, ask Less Than Adequate OB/GYN what to do. She recommends Nuvaring.

February 2006
Forest (48), Amy (29)
Another Occurrence of TIA symptoms; imaging studies find no evidence of blood clot or hemorrhage but neurologist recommends discontinuing Nuvaring. No problem - it hasn't worked to control the irregular bleeding anyway.

June 2006
Forest (48), Amy (29)

Get married!!! Prefer to waste no more time in the baby having department, but Forest's pesky vasectomy is in the way...

February 2007

Forest (49), Amy (30)
Forest has vasectomy reversal. He really, really loves me.

March 2007
Forest (49), Amy (30)
Irregular bleeding REALLY ridiculous. Figure there's no way to conceive even with the shiny, newly reconnected vas deferens of hubby, given the CONSTANT menstruating I'm doing.

May 2007
Forest (49), Amy (30)
  • First appointment with hott new OB/GYN George. Find cause of crazy bleeding: GIGANTIC, uterus filling polyp. Glad to have answer; not so glad to hear George say that with cycles (pre-irregular bleeding phase) of ~33 days, he's skeptical of whether or not I'm ovulating
  • Hysteroscopy/D&C to remove evil polyp; expect know...any minute
June 2007

Forest (49), Amy (30)
Positive OPK! (take THAT, George!) Forest's first SA after vasectomy reversal come back with "normal" counts & motility! (22 million/mL and 59%, respectively). Have sex thinking conception is GUARANTEED! Have follow-up appointment with George. He tells me that positive OPK's don't mean anything. Hopes crash. BFN 2 weeks later. Grrrrr.

July 2007
Forest (49), Amy (30)

George recommends meeting with his "Infertility" nurses; can't do any stimulation this month because I'll be in Europe (sans hubby) during potential O-time. Figure August will be the month of conception (mais, bien sur!). Have CD3 blood work - everything normal (testosterone, LH, FSH, fasting insulin, prolactin).

August 2007

Forest (49), Amy (31)
Clomid + Injectables...BFN. Nurse suggests I have PCOS (despite lack of evidence of insulin resistance, no cysts on my ovaries, and no other PCOS symptoms).

September 2007
Forest (49), Amy (31)

October 2007
Forest (49), Amy (31)
Saline Infusion Sonogram + flush through tubes shows a bit of tubal restriction on both sides. Injectables + IUI...BFN. Nurse says laparoscopy will show once & for all if I have PCOS - apparently PCOS ovaries have a "capsule" around them.

November 2007
Forest (49), Amy (31)
Exploratory laparascopy: mild endometriosis (fulgrated), another evil polyp (D&C), tube flush (normal), ovaries normal (no evil PCOS "capsule"). George recommends Lupron Depot x 3 months to kill off "microscopic" endo that could be causing an immune reaction interfering with conception.

February 2008

Forest (50), Amy (31)
Last Lupron shot! Expect new, exciting cycle in 8-12 weeks!

April 2008
Forest (50), Amy (31)
9 weeks after last Lupron shot, cycle returns!!!! It's a miracle cure! Surely I shall conceive this month!

May 2008

Forest (50), Amy (31) BFP or AF...WTF?????

June 2008

Forest (50), Amy (31)
  • Schedule well-woman visit on CD 61. George asks me when I'm planning to have a baby (hmmm...apparently he doesn't remember me) I tell him ASAP...he says I should probably do injectables (flip through that chart, George - I've been there, done that), he suggests I try again because (and I quote), "It's best to do it as soon as possible after the laparoscopy" (WOW, George! That's a great idea! Way to follow your patients!)
  • Back in the office with the "infertility" nurses. Schedule ultrasound to check my lining. Yikes! It's scary! MEGA bleeding, crazy sh!t flying around in there, is it another evil polyp?
  • Nurses recommend genetic testing. Guess what? I'm a mutant! Homozygous MTHFR mutation (C677T). Start Folgard & extra folic acid.

July 2008
Forest (50), Amy (31)
Once cathartic bleeding stops, ultrasound shows a thin, happy lining (whew!) but it's recommended I "take this month off" of TTC (Great! I haven't had enough MONTHS OFF for the past 7 months!)

August 2008

Forest (50), Amy (32)
Try injectables + IUI...BFN. That's enough of George et al; make appointment with RE.

September 2008

Forest (50), Amy (32)
  • Make first RE appointment (YAY!); Recommends IVF with no further ado (YAY!); due to irregular cycles, recommends birth control pills to regulate (UH OH - talk about TIA's & recommendations not to do OC's); 
  • Recommends consult with Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist to talk about safety during pregnancy in light of MTHFR mutations & TIA's (read: ROAD BLOCK - GRRR!)
October 2008

Forest (50), Amy (32)
IVF orientation; schedule MFM consult, start cycle - will this be the IVF cycle?!!?!? Nurses at RE clinic aren't being very proactive...

November 2008 
Forest (50), Amy (32)
Have MFM consult (YAY!), cute MFM says IVF will be no problem (YAY!), IVF #1 underway!!!

December 2008
Forest (50), Amy (32)
IVF #1 goes down in a blaze of 25 immature follicle glory.

September 2009
Forest (51), Amy (33)
After a 9 month break the baby desires aren't going anywhere. Decide it's time to consult with a new RE - George's brother Peter, a.k.a., "Dr. A".

October 2009
Forest (51), Amy (33) 
Commence IVF #2; Ovarian cyst aspiration required first. Endometrial biopsy finds chronic endometritis. Wow! Who knew? Take a course of beer for the beer wench on Halloween!

(the stein was full of Diet Coke)

November 2009

Forest (51), Amy (33)
IVF #2 successful!!! BFP at 5dp5dt!!!!!

February 2010
Forest (52), Amy (33)
Lose Sweet, Perfect Baby Jack at 16w0d due to cervical incompetence :(

June 2010

Forest (52), Amy (33)

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