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Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on the Horse (no, not THAT horse!)

So, you'll never guess what I did today... ...I made an appointment with a new RE! I am decidedly never going back to the IVF Hut (except maybe if I do find success, it would be kind of nice to go there with my giant pregnant self and tell Valerie Ratts, the evil beeeeotch who suggested my eggs are incapable of maturing, to kiss my ass), so I decided to give George's brother at SIRM a shot. I have a phone consultation with cute Ahlering Brother #2 on September 2nd. Yay! When I was filling out the Patient Questionnaire, it was actually very useful to have this blog and look back to find such things as my peak estradiol level during IVF #1. 

The horse that I haven't quite found my way to get back on is the Losing Some Damned Weight Horse. I haven't posted since my 1 pound weight loss in June beacuse, well, I quit doing Weight Watchers because I am a giant loser. But, Forest said he would do it with me, so we are going to start going this week. 

So that's my update. I'm sorry I'm such a crappy blogger/commenter. I do read each and every blog on my blogroll religiously (and sometimes I even manage to squeeze out a measly comment). I love you all very much and have missed you!