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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Should I blog about this? I officially kicked Hott George to the curb by moving on. I saw my new genius doctor this afternoon. She is very smart and I like her. HOWEVER. She doesn't want to do get pregnant stuff with me. She thinks I need the expert services of an RE since I have "so much going on". We did the well-woman thing and she said that I should make another appointment if I want to:
  1. talk about PCOS management
  2. get on OCs to regulate my cycles
  3. have her provide OB services for the baby that I am magically going to conceive on my own after following her brilliant advice*
The highlight was that I got two (that's right TWO) vaginal exams for the price of one! Genius Doctor was training a Physician's Assistant and, as someone who has had countless people checking out her bejingo over the last year, I was more than willing to let her palpate my uterus. Good times. 

* For the first time, a real-life doctor person told me to EXERCISE my fat ass and lose 10% of my body weight. After which my ovaries might just spontaneously decide to play nice. So, since she is a genius and a doctor and I like her...I am going to try. I'm sorta kind of back on the horse, I guess. Or maybe I'm just looking at the horse, kind of walking around it...wondering if I should really get back on or not. Last time the horse threw me off the back and sort of kicked me a few times and then kicked dirt on me, so, I'm still on the fence. So...uh...wish me luck!!!


'Murgdan' said...

I'm wishing you all the luck in the world...I wish you a winning racehorse!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Pretty horsey.

Best of luck babe!

Anonymous said...

Well that is what I am talking about!

However, I am cornfused. I thought George was a RE? What was George besides a HOT idiot? Anyhoo..he is gone, were moving on, getting on a horse, saying giddy up and will be ridding off into the KNOCKED UP sunset soon enough.

Lose that weight missy cause the end of June is fast approaching and I am going to need a belly buddy! Saddle up woman and let's RODEO!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey if you want a weight loss partner, let me know! I'm not allowed to try to lose weight for another 7-8 weeks of course, but once this baby gets here, I want my body back to a healthy weight. I never got there between kids, and I NEED to get my fat butt in gear too! At the rate I'm going, I'll never wear my "normal" clothes again.

Jen Rusch