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Thursday, April 9, 2009

No need for hope

I "hope" I didn't keep anyone in too much suspense....of course I am not pregnant. And there's no my body has NOT decided to spontaneously fix itself and start ovulating like a good little body. So I guess my ovaries got wise to my reverse psychology and are showing me who the bosses are (them).

In other news...I have no other news. I just wanted to give a tiny shout out so that no one thought I was just too deliriously happy celebrating my BFP that I couldn't take time to post.


Alex and Jill said...

:( I'm sorry.

You're always in my thoughts and prayers.


Courtney said...

Bad ovaries. Bad bad ovaries!!

Im sorry! (((HUGS)))

twondra said...

I'm so sorry. ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Ok...if the reverse thing did work perhaps we should shame them into working properly?

Bad ovaries! Shame on you! After all these years...for shame!

Big hugs hun!

Sarah said...



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! Sometimes hope can be a real b*tch!

Misty from wte said...

Keep hope never now.

Thinking of you...

The Pifer's said...

I found your blog through another, I hope it's ok if I follow you!

I am praying for you sweetie!!!!!

Lots of love, hugs and prayers-

*TTC*Chick* said...

You sound like me. No ovulation...No Period...No progesterone. NO NOTHING. After a month of hot flashes, headaches, and moodswings from stupid Clomid, the Dr. informed me that my bloodwork shows my progesterone is at a 1.0. Couldn't it have at least been a 3.3 or something sort of promising? NOTHING. Nada. Nil. My body hates me.