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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A quickly-like update

Because my aforementioned shiny new genius doctor has convinced me that losing some poundage is seriously in my best interest and the existence of my adorable future babies virtually depends on it, I have joined Weight Watchers.
Tell me your proud of me...for serious!

My sister and my friend Amanda joined with me, so I have, like, a support group and everything! And Jen, per your comment, I am WAY ready for an eating healthy buddy so that I can be WAY ready to be belly buddies with Tricia (Wow. It's been a long time since I said "belly buddies").

So in addition to being accountable to my sister, my friend, and the whole Weight Watchers organization, I am also going to be accountable to you, blog friends. My starting weight on Monday was 221.8 (I know. Ouch.). But since you know I rock 221.8 pounds, I am not afraid to share this with you who love me anyway. I will post my (hopefully spectacular) updates each week.
In cycle news, I am a week late. Not that this means anything for a girl like me. I will test tomorrow* in case a miracle happened.

Cheers! Love you all!

*ETA: BFN Wednesday morning. But that's okay. Maybe next month!


Alex and Jill said...

I'm proud of you!! :)

I'm also thinking about how cool it would be if you test tomorrow and discover a miracle indeed happened.


AmyC623 said...

Awww - thank you, Jill! I got a BFN this morning, but that's okay. My miracle might happen some day!!!

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you Amy!!! Well done. Perhaps you success will inspire me to get my far arse back in gear as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Weight Watchers has yummy food. Or so I think it does. Good for you! Maybe this is just what you needed. Your seem to do well with GOALS and PLANS you set for yourself, so this could be perfect in so many ways.

Belly buddies, Lord here we come! WATCH OUT! You know if this happens we have to meet and rub our bellies together while Forest and Alan wait on us like the Queens we are right?

If we have opposite sex babies they will have to marry each other as well. It will be fate, a fate we created for them come hell or high water! LOL!

Good Luck and May The Force Be With You!

JamieD said...

I ~AM~ proud of you - for serious!!

I have had so many friends have great luck with Weight Watchers. And after they lose their weight, they sort of stay in a WW mindset, so it is always in the back of their thoughts when making food choices.

You'll do great!

Sarah said...

Seriously, SO proud!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to mention I love the way your hair has grown out in the picture of you. It looks nice!

Misty from WTE said...

So proud of your new commitment and the positive outlook despite the BFN! Keep it up, girl. Before you know it you'll be getting that BFP!