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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Questions from a Sleepy Regulatory Affairs Associate

Does being tired count as "sick" for purposes of saying, "Boss, I'm sick. I need to go home so I can lie down."?

Do you think I'm tired because I am Oh-So-Very-Knocked-Up?

Can you make peanut butter spicy?


Wes and Dani said...

Yep, I'd count it. :)

Jill M. said...

I definitely think you are tired because you are oh so knocked up!!! Exhaustion was my biggest symptom and it has not let up once and I'm 11w1d. Take care of yourself, building another human being is lots of work. I've heard we'll have a burst of energy in the 2nd tri when the placenta is done being developed. I can't wait!

PJ said...

I have NEVER been so utterly exhausted in my entire life! And it just goes on and on... I don't feel like I even have a day of energy.

I totally considered calling in sick today, but I'm trying to save my days for later on. I'm pretty sure I'll need them.

Anonymous said...

I think spicy peanut butter means you are knocked up haha.

Actually we had this girl at work who had morning sickness. Well I was pregnant at the same time she was. She would throw up and go home. So after a week of this me and someone else went to the boss and was like that is a baby no flu. She wasnt sent home after that. We were just tired of having to pick up her slack when she was sent home (I was working in a grooming salon).

JamieD said...

You ARE oh-so-very-knocked-up!!

I wouldn't have survived without peanut butter. It was a God send!

sarah said...

Yum, spicy peanut butter DOES sound de-lish! I'd leave it to those miracle workers at your local Thai restaurant to make that peanut and spice combo work out though... ;-)


Sarah said...

Totally counts.

And yes you can make peanut butter spicey. Its delicious.