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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, January 20, 2011

34w1d: Can You Believe I'm Posting Again Already?

I had to post to link to my co-worker and friend Jessica's blog. 

She posted pics from the work shower they threw for me yesterday which was so, so nice!  They gave us 2 high chairs and a baby swing!   Two of my co-workers made the babies beautiful blankets and my co-worker Pam made pretty much the most awesome baby shower cake ever!   A lady who works with Forest customized some pretty funny hats.  We think we're going to take pictures of the babies in them and submit them to the Company's website.

Click over to see :)

Thank you Jessica - you're the best!!!

Also, I had my last growth-monitoring scan on Tuesday (at 33w6d).  Egan was estimated at 4lb 4oz (24th percentile) and Zoe was estimated at 4lb 1oz (18th percentile).  I think they're going to be little peanuts.  We had our first non-stress test (NST) at that appointment as well.  Both babies showed normal accelerations/decelerations within about 30 minutes, so it was a great success.

Well, I guess I better go do some nesting - only 3 weeks and 4 days are left!


Adam and Julia said...

I love the pics. It is so good to see you. Love that belly!!!

Michele said...


Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

What fun and how cute is that cake? I can't believe you are so close!

PJ said...

You have got to be feeling over the moon happy right about now! I'm so excited for you!

Being a twin mom is the BESTEST! Much happiness (ok, and exhaustion) is on it's way!

The cake is AWESOME, btw!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! You look amazing!

PS....I was bigger than you with ONE baby. :)