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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So...what's been going on in AmyLand? I shall summarize:
I had a birthday! Yay! I'm 33.

So I'm Jesus' age now :-) My brother's response to this hilarious assertion was, "But you're so much less accomplished than him." Tru dat. But here's a picture of me at my birthday party:

Jesus couldn't have been any cuter, right?

Jesus could, however, have commissioned a less Wrecktastic Birthday Cake. There are SOOOOOOO many things wrong with this cake (which was supposed to be a spectacular geeky confection) many ways in which this was NOT what we ordered...that I am devoid of comment at the moment:

I also started classes last week, in my ongoing (never-ending?) pursuit of my bachelor's degree (bah - who needs it?). I am taking Cell Biology, Calculus, and Practical Criticism (writing about literature). It's going well. Should be adding 9 hours of "A"s to my transcript in 14 weeks or so...

In Uterus Occupation News, today I had a phone consultation with the new RE and I was very pleased. In telling him about the 25 immature follicles retrieved during IVF #1 I said, "So, I don't know if we triggered too early, maybe?" and he said, "I would say that's exactly what happened." So, you know, INSTANT LOVE. We are going to commence the customary testing as soon as my next cycle starts!

Needless to say, I'm all hopeful and excited and stuff.


sarah said...

A very very happy birthday!! You look freakin' fantastic.

I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one still workin on that ol' undergrad degree. We'll get there, right?

Very excited to hear the promising news about the new RE.

AmyC623 said...

Thank you Sarah! And yes, we will definitely get there :)

Just Another Infertile said...

Happy Birthday!

Good luck in school. Those sound like some pretty tough classes (at least the calculus).

I hope your new RE is everything your old one was not. It was totally their fault your last cycle failed. That was insane!

I can't wait to hear your new plan.

Alex and Jill said...

Pretty pic of you, girl! Happy Birthday!! Me and the man will be 33 this year, as well. The perfect age. ;)

Praying for your upcoming cycle!

'Murgdan' said...

First of all....Happy Birthday!!!

Second of all....WAAAHOOOO for getting started with another (more successful) cycle! Funny....doesn't take much for your new doc to sound like a genius!

Cheering you on!

Tricia said...

33? Wow, what's that like? Is this the year you have to start wearing depends and buying denture cream? Oh,no..that's not you, that's Forest I am confused with. LOL!!!! hahaha! Poor guy does not even know me and I pick on him! Such a meanie I am!

HAPPY 33rd my friend. I am 32 so I am not far behind you and I can bet I have more grey hair than you!

Speaking of which,your hair has gotten long fast.I wish my hair grew that fast!

How exciting the new RE has a brain! I hope that this time all your dreams can come true. You sure deserve it!