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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Love Lupron

Ever since I started the Lupron (2 weeks ago) I have felt TONS better.  Is that all in my head? Perhaps.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it seemed to take the edge off of the hormonal malestrom I was suffering on account of La Cyst.  This is, of course, a good thing.

Thursday is the cyst aspiration so I'm taking a day of vacation.  Who doesn't like to spend her vacation days on minor surgeries?  This girl does!  Follistim starts on Sunday, I think, so we will be well on our way soon.

On the work front, I am still in limbo.  The "leadership" in my department is making my blood pressure rise on a regular basis these days.  I'm still not sure I want to jump ship for the World O' Project Management, though.  I fear the proverbial "out of the frying pan, into the fire" scenario.  We shall see...

On the Halloween front, no progress yet with a costume.  I know that whatever I choose will not bare my gargantuan midrift, but it should be sassy and cleava-licious, nonetheless.

Well, that's my update.  Hugs and love to you, blog friends! :)


JamieD said...

As long as you feel better - that is all that matters.

Cleava-licious - I love it!!

Courtney said...

Cleavalicious!! Hehe!!

PJ said...

I must say, I have never met a blogger that actually "liked" Lupron! More power to ya!

And I hear ya about spending your vacation days on medical stuff. Meh. :)