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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One day till Lupron

Thank you all for your sweet comments about how my blog doesn't altogether suck. I won't say I'm 100% convinced, but I certainly appreciate you guys!!!!

Tomorrow the big cycle starts: Lupron for supression and Dexamethasone for...coolness? I'm not really sure what it's for but I don't really care either.  This clinic is so blase about everything - no intensely boring all-day session about how protocols work and how to do injections, no explanation of anything, really.  More just: "Here take this and this on these days and trust us, mmmkay?"


Work is going OK. Very busy.  I didn't end up taking that job I blogged about awhile back.  Since then, the Director has tried to get me to apply for another position in his department (lateral move for me) and just this afternoon he told me about yet another open position that was just approved that would be a promotion.  I'm going to have to seriously consider that one...  I love Regulatory Affairs, but I don't love my current group, responsibilities, or leadership.  I know those aren't particularly good reasons to leave a good job, so I'm torn.

School is not going so spectacularly.  I think I bit off more than I am comfortable chewing this semester.  I'm actually being a gigantic slacker.  I'm hoping to pull off B's.  A's are looking to be out of the question (sigh).  Work is just kicking my butt, leaving me little time to focus on my academic pursuits. 

In other news, this is what Forest wants me to wear for Halloween:

Riiiiiight. I am trying to convince him that NOBODY wants to see me in that except for him and that big ole ovarian cysts spewing massive amounts of estrogen into one's body make one feel bloaty and crampy and zitty and weepy and NOT interested in wearing that. Ever.

And that's about it for me.  How do you like two posts within a week? Almost like I'm an actual blogger, huh?  Don't get used to it.  You know what a slacker I am.


PJ said...

I was in the middle of commenting when you posted. :)

LOL!!! Yea, I have to google stuff usually to find out what it's for. I have no idea what the Dexa stuff is, but it seems to be popular among IVFers. :)

So you're starting the Lovenox at retrieval, not transfer?

B's are ok. Don't they say, B's get degrees?

AmyC623 said...

Yep - B's get degrees! This semester, I will even be fine with a "C" for "Complete", actually.

Well, the nurse said I'll start Lupron "after retrieval" which could really mean anything, now couldn't it?

We are sooooooo totally going to be knocked up at the same time! ;)

Alex and Jill said...

You are cracking me up with your comments about your clinic! It's so true of all clinics though. Once you've cycled more than once, you get no info. LOL

'Murgdan' said...! Yay! Wahooo! Cheering you on till I lose my voice over here...

Sharon said...

Sometimes its better not to know all the tiny details! Just go with it!
All the best!

Courtney said...

OMG I am super excited!!! Ok let's get it started! Let's get it started in here!! hehe!! I am cracking myself up- must be lack of sleep!!

Cheering you on!!