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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5w0d: A Little Update

Today I am 5 weeks pregnant!!!

  • Last night I had my last Lovenox injection! Yay!!!!
  • Dr. A won't be in the office on July 7th (the day my 1st ultrasound should've been) so I'll be having it on July 8th (next Thursday).  I'll be 6w1d, so I would very much hope to see a heartbeat (or beats).
  • I took a half day of vacation today to have 2 cavities filled.  The dentist's policy is to avoid the use of lidocaine until the 2nd trimester, so I only had one of them filled (that didn't require any numbing) and I made an appointment for the other one for August.  
  • I celebrated the rest of my free afternoon by going to Baskin-Robbins and getting the most delicious double-scoop in a waffle cone.  Caramel? Chocolate? Peanut Butter? My creation had it all!
  • Calculus class #6 tonight: It is going really well and is already almost 1/3 over! Gotta love summer classes!

This weekend, we are going to start the work necessary to make a nursery.  It's going to be significant. I'm afraid to take a "before" pictures because they will be SCARY! Here are the steps:
  1. Clean out the "den" and get its roof fixed: The "den" is an addition to the back our house from the 70s (the rest of our house was built in 1924).  It has a fireplace and we used to have a TV, couch, some chairs, and computer back there.  But we decided we didn't like that set-up, so we moved our computer to the dining room, which is open to the living room, where the main TV is.  Since that time, the roof on the addition started leaking.  It has a drop ceiling and many, many of the tiles are seriously damaged (plus they're super ugly).  It has since become a repository for CRAP.  It's like a giant (20 x 13) unorganized closet with a falling down ceiling (not pretty).  It's bad.  But, our plan is to move our bedroom to this room which will involve fixing the roof, putting in a new ceiling, replacing the fugly paneling with drywall, building a closet, doing something to make the fugly fireplace look pretty, new carpet, and, of course, all new bedroom furniture, bedding, and decor.
  2. Make our existing bedroom into a nursery: This will just involve normal activities like new carpet, painting, closet organization, furniture, bedding, and decor.
  3. Painting and decorating Katie's room: Katie's room is upstairs in our 1 1/2 story house.  It has the potential to look like an adorable Pottery Barn room, but we have never had the money set aside to paint & decorate at the same time when Katie knew how she wanted it done (her tastes have changed frequently over the 6 years we've lived here). But I know she won't feel it's fair if we get a new room and the baby gets a new room while hers is still a blank slate, so we need to do commit to an idea and do it.
I'm thinking all of that will take every bit of the next 35 weeks! I need the blogosphere to hold me accountable!!!

I guess that's it for me...there's not much to do at this point except wait for the ultrasound (and get busy on those projects, of course)!


Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

Can't wait for your first ultrasound and it sounds like you will be BUSY with those renovations!

lis said...

great news, amy! so glad to hear that things are going well :)

sarah said...

I was loggin into blogger JUST to comment you and ask for an update.. AND HERE IT IS! Thanks!

You *do* have quite a bit to do. Sounds fantastic! I love older homes. They have several in our city from the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are so adorable. I do hope you do some before and after photos. You could always take them and decide whether you want to show them after you get the rooms done.

July 8th it is!! :)I shall channel my positive heartbeaty vibes Amy's way!

Holly E. Glanfield said...

WOW that's quite the undertaking! I can't wait to hear how it all progresses. I'm excited just thinking about it! I love renovations, especially when they're in the name of Baby!

Can't wait to hear how everything else progresses with you. Praying for a wonderful u/s on the 8th!

Jamie said...

Wow - that is a big to-do list! But there's nothing like the impending arrival of a baby to get your butt in gear.

I can't wait to hear the news of your u/s!!

lis said...

i dunno, im still not totally convinced...i could only see it if i looked from directly on top and down, though i did slightly tilt the camera. i dunno, im not convinced there is enough color. but thank you so much for your reply and well wishes. beta is monday at 7 am