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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FETs are Weird

I feel like this "cycle" has been going on forever. I think I started BCPs in April or something. And now it's June. And it's still TWO WEEKS till the transfer! Why does it need to take so long?

It's Silly.

My protocol was:
  1. BCPs for-evah...
  2. Add 10 units of Lupron for a couple of days...
  3. Drop it down to 5 units of Lupron for awhile... 
I know this isn't exactly what you'd call informational, but I don't feel like getting off the couch and checking my calendar to make it accurate.  

So anyway, Lupron for awhile (plus Dexamethasone in the morning, for fun and energy) and then Monday we started these periodic "E2V" IM injections.  Do not ask me what that's for - I guess it's just to throw some estrogen in there to make my lining shiny since my ovaries are all suppressed and stuff, given the weeks and weeks of Lupron.  The first of these shots was Monday and the next one will be tomorrow evening.  Then I do another on Monday (the 7th) and on Thursday (the 10th).  Then I await further instructions. I imagine those instructions will involve the Z-pak and, at some point, the PIO in my cabinet and the Ovidrel in my refrigerator.

Transfer is tentatively set for Tuesday the 15th.  The only thing that could mess it up is if my lining acts weird.

I had a random transvag u/s yesterday. I guess it was just to make sure I didn't develop a giant cyst or polyp or something over the last month.  I told Dr. A our plan for the thaw:
  1. Slow-thaw 2 (of 6) blasts the morning of 6/15.
  2. If both survive, transfer them.
  3. If they don't survive, quick-thaw 2 more and transfer those 2.
An ingenious plan, don't you think?  

But then he said, "What if only one survives? Do we still thaw 2 more?"

Drat! I hadn't thought of that! So, Forest and I talked about it and decided that, if only one survives, that is what we'll do: thaw 2 more and transfer all three. YIKES, right?  But I guess the chances for triplets in that situation are pretty slim.  Forest would seriously freak the heck out if we had triplets.  But surely he'd get used to it, right?

Anyway, I will now stop counting my blastocysts before they thaw.

I guess I think the FET is weird because it's so sloooowwwww. There's not as much to obsess over. No follicle counts, no exciting yet scary E2 numbers, no threat of OHSS, no hormone-fueled excursions into the crazy recesses of my mind, no fear that the eggs won't be mature, no fear that the eggs won't fertilize, no fear that the embryos will stop dividing.  Just thumb-twiddling mostly.  

But on the cool side, I am FET-ing at roughly the same time as IF blog royalty. And Cindy posted some totally nom-able pictures of her (for realz) seriously adorable baby, which makes the whole Internet happy :)

Also, Lis put it perfectly when she marveled at how cool it would be if her upcoming FET works and she brings home a baby from the same batch of blasts as his sisters.  That would be truly, truly cool indeed!  I hope that one of Jack's pack makes it into our arms too.



Courtney said...

I hope two of Jack's bros or sissies makes it too! Cause then you'd have twins and twins are cool!

I'll be looking forward to your transfer!

AmyC623 said...

Thanks Courtney! Twins are super cool! I was so jealous (in a good way) when you found out you were having Lara and Kristin. I would soooooooo love twin girls! (Zoe and Anya) :)

sarah said...

Surely he'll get used to triplets! :D

As soon as I saw your blog heading, I also thought, OH! Amy is FETing with "whats-her-bucket" (ya know, the girl with the awesome blog of awesome)! ;-)

Thumb twiddling, you rock it!

PJ said...

Yep. FET's take FOREVER!

Yours sounds similar to mine last spring. BCP's, Lupron 10 units for like 17 days or longer, then 5 units. I took estrogen pills (A TON) for a while.

It's nice when you get to transfer though, because it's all done except for the wait.

Good luck!!!

lis said...

thank you so much for thinking of me. hope, hope, hope is all we can do!
and im soo glad my RE doesn't do down regulation. i would be a mess with all the waiting too!

today is day 1 for me, so we may be transferring around the same time--sending you luck and hugs. i just think it would be beautiful to have our babies come from those frozen embies. either way they will be our angel babies' brother or sister, and that will be so special.

lis said...

and people, twins and triplets are fun to think about, but not so fun to be pregnant with. and your risk of PTL goes up with each baby.
im scared to death to have twins again, though really that's exactly what i want. such a double edged sword right in my heart.

Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

Sorry the FET is dragging! Sending wishes for perfect lining and a flawless transfer of stupendous eggs... with a resulting BFP, carrying on Jack's legacy! Hugs, Amy!

'Murgdan' said...

FETs are different, that's for sure. Hoping Jacks pack settles in for the long ride, woman! Wishing you ALL the best.

Jamie said...

I am still catching up on Reader from being out of town, so I am a little late reading this. I really hope everything is still on track for your FET on 6/15. Thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes!!