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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Weeks: Good News

I had my appointment with the MFM yesterday afternoon. It took 2 1/2 hours! The place was PACKED. Apparently there are a lot of high risk pregnancies to follow in St. Louis.

I had a long ultrasound.  The babies looked awesome. They were very wiggly.  Baby C1 even kicked his leg out one time. It was the cutest.thing.ever. The babies are now within 1 day of each other: Baby C1 measured 9w1d and had a heart rate of 176 and Baby C2 measured 9w0d and had a heart rate of 180.  I am very, very relieved at this point!

Note: the pictures below are not the greatest because I scanned them at work (not the best quality scanner for pics!!!!)

Baby C1

Baby C2

Don't they look more like identical twins now?!?!?!?! ;)

The MFM didn't seem to grasp why I was there. She seemed to think I was only being evaluated because the babies were measuring differently.  She was starting to sound like they had no reason to see me again now that they're the same size. She asked, "Did your OB suggest that she wanted you to be sen here serially?" I said, "Actually, I'm here because I had a loss in February at 16 weeks due to a possible incompetent cervix..." then she started nodding her head condescendingly like "Oh yeah, I know all about that, you fool" which she TOTALLY DIDN'T. So then she patronizingly explained that it is too soon to evaluate my cervix, because: "at this point your cervix just blends in with your utereus"  She actually said that last bit while looking directly at Forest. Erm, he doesn't have a cervix. (I'm just being overly-critical, I know, I know). So, I'm to go back in 3 weeks for an hour long ultrasound where they will measure my cervix in excruciating detail (yay!).

I am learning that you definitely have to manage your own care.  It was like the MFM Hut in there. It would not have surprised me to see a "Now Serving" sign like the deli at the grocery store.

Next up: Regular OB appointment next Wednesday (8/11) at 11 weeks!

Also, Calculus is OVER tonight! The final is at 5:30. I will soon be free from Calculus FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that would be assuming I don't have to actually apply my mad Calculus skills in Physics II next semester...maybe not a reasonable assumption?).


Allison (Ali) said...

glad to hear that things are going well and both babies are measuring on time! Stupid MFM I hate it when the doctor doesnt even take the time to make themselves familiar with your file before the exam! Hope that goes better!

sarah said...

Yippee!! Your babies look so perfect!

Ugh, I call those places "cattle care." You leave feeling hearded from one stall to the next. *sigh*

3 hour ultrasound? Love that! :)

'Murgdan' said...

So so glad things are going well! And yes, you HAVE to be your own advocate these days.

lis said...

yay! the babes look great and so glad that C2 caught up! so glad :)

and boo to stupidity and yay to finishing calc!!

Sarah said...

Oh, Amy! I'm SO glad to hear the babies are doing well!

I agree 100% that you need to be the one to take charge of your health care situations. Dr's are idiots sometimes...


Jennifer said...

So excited to see those perfect little babies in there!!!! I'm speechless!!!!

Lindsay said...

Yay!! So glad they are doing good! Isn't it amazing seeing two babies? Just wait until you they are a little bigger, its so much fun. Do you know how often you will get ultrasounds? My doctor has me go every 4 weeks, and I LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

YAY Your twins are doing amazing! I cant believe I just said TWINS!!!!!!! AWESOME!

Sommers Family said...

AWESOME news! So exciting. So glad to see that the babies are progressing well. Hopefully you'll get a better doc next time...or at least have a better attitude the next time you see her.

Jamie said...

Yay for healthy babies!! Yay for no calculus!!

It is sad, but you DO have to be your own advocate. A doctor who can actually remember you and your history from visit to visit is a rare find.

Courtney said...

YAY for healthy babies! They can't be identical! It is a boy and a girl!

Glad calculus is over!

GREAT news all the way around!

Sommers Family said...

I just came in here to check in on you and I re-read my comment. I meant that I hope the Dr. had a better attitude. Sorry! I know that came across wrong..totally not intended. Hope all is well.

PJ said...

I am SOOOO excited for you!

Please come over and shoot me any twin pregnancy/mom questions. I know I had a ton.

I had several long ultrasounds. I would go ahead and take a half day off at work, just to be sure I had enough time.

Yes, you have to manage your own care. Kind of sad, actually. Too many cooks in the kitchen was part of my problem, despite the FAT file I had (seriously it is, 1 1/2 inches at least!) I found I had to explain myself a lot. That, and I often felt like they didn't take my pregnancy aches and pains seriously. For example, I had serious heartburn and I got the, "try zantac or tums", which I tried to explain doesn't work... and was just sort of dismissed. Finally at 29 weeks, I was prescribed Nexium and it was like a miricle cure (almost).


SO excited for you!!!

lis said...

thank you for your sweet words, they helped a lot.

wondering how you are??
the doctor wants to transfer two and i am freaking out...did your MFM say anything that you can tell me?