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Friday, July 23, 2010

8w2d: Ultrasound #3 - Now With Pictures

First of all, thank you so much for all of your comments and support. You guys are the awesomest!

We just got home from my 3rd ultrasound - the first one with my regular OB.  

The good news: both babies have great heartbeats.  Baby C1's is 158 and Baby C2's is 155.  Both sacs look great. They're very round - apparently a "banana shape" is a bad thing, and we don't have that. Baby C1 measured 8w0d and looked huge.

The not-as-good news: Baby C2 is even more behind now, measuring 7w2d.  Dr. S is not concerned. She said that they don't get concerned unless they measure more than a week apart. Baby C2 is just in a super awkward position, they say.  It's like she's at a 90 degree angle to Baby C1 and it seems like they're always looking at her from the end.

So, I'm still worried. Of course.

Next up: see an MFM. They are supposed to call me by Tuesday and set up an appointment.  If they don't schedule something for the week of August 2nd, I can go back to Dr. S for another ultrasound that week.

On my referral to the MFM, Dr. S wrote 4 risk factors:

  1. IVF - twins
  2. History of pre-ecclampsia at delivery
  3. History of delivery at 16 weeks after premature rupture of membranes, possible incompetent cervix?
  4. MTHFR - homozygous
So, we'll see how the MFM wants to handle all of that.  To cerclage or not to cerclage?  

Once again, time will tell. Ugh. Waiting. Not my strong suit!


Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

I understand your worry but the great news is that the heartrates look awesome and I would try to take some comfort in the fact that your dr. isn't worried.

Good luck with the MFM. More frequent appointments between the MFM and the OB are the only thing that have kept me relatively sane through this process.

I'm very excited for you, Amy!

Courtney said...

I agree with previous commentor!
Heartrates look GREAT!

My girls aren't the same size and haven't been ever! In Fact Lara started off bigger than Kristin and somewhere along the way Kristin totally grew alot bigger than Lara.

Little baby C2 is just trying to be petite. She is a girl after all!

Can't wait to see what the MFM dr says.

Ummm.. where is a pic of those cute little bay-bays?

MommaC30 said...

I'm so happy for you. Twins!!! That is so great. I just stumbbled across your blog. We are due like a week apart. I'm 7 weeks today and due March 10th, 2010. I dealt with 18 months of infertility before I became pregnant with my second child, my first is 12. I just wanted to introduce myself and say congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

The heartbeats look perfect, this is a huge reassuring factor!
Our local maternity hospital offers free heartbeat checks to all concerned expectant mothers - I had become a frequent visitor until I felt the first fetal movements. It is so natural to worry till the moment you cuddle your babies in your arms!
Trust your doctors. Good luck with the MFM!!!

Jenn said...

ugh, wish that there was more information to ease your mind! (notice I didn't say better information-- on baby is just a bit sideways!) Will be waiting and praying with you.

Anonymous said...

Your babies look like they are doing amazing! C1 is a boy and C2 is a girl and your girl just wants to be tiny :) UGH to more waiting. Would you have to go on bed rest?

sarah said...

Look at your beautiful gummy bear babies! How sweet! I'm excited about the beautiful pictures of babies we'll be seeing with the additonal monitoring! Good luck with the MFM!

Adam and Julia said...

they look so cute all snuggled in tight. told you not to worry too much!!! you are doing great momma and everything is going to be alright!!

lis said...

they look perfect to me

congrats, amy, so happy for you and your family!

Court said...

So I just joined your blog, but congrats!!! I know you're worried, I would be too, can't help it, it's natural to be worried, you are doing great and so are those little ones!

Sarah said...

Oh sweetie, I totally understand you worries. But like others have mentioned, those are some greeeeat heartbeats!

All of you will be in my thoughts.

Love you sweetie!


Misty said...

So glad that the babies are looking great! Sending constant *****happy***** and *****positive***** thoughts your way.

I'm loving this weekly update btw!

Jamie said...

Hey sweetie! I am playing catch up on my reader and just now saw your news - twins!! Happy, happy!!

I think you are just going to have to get comfortable with 'worry.' With everything you have been through, it likely isn't going anywhere.

But you know what? You have TONS of support and prayers coming from all of us out here in blog-land. Much love to you, Amy. You will do this!!