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Sunday, October 31, 2010

22w4d: Updating

Hello everyone.  I am a slacker blogger, but you ALL knew that already, so that's not an update!

But, last week I did have the big anatomy scan and we were very happy that everything checked out a-OK.

  • Both babies alive: Check! Heartbeats were both measured at 144 bpm.  Zoe is actually QUITE the wiggler, but she has an anterior placenta so I don't actually feel much.  On the ultrasound we saw her stretch completely out. 
Exhibit A: a completely outstretched Zoe leg:

  • Cervix holding strong: Check! It measured 3.8 cm. Apparently that was so reassuring that the MFM said that we are going to stop checking it. Wow.
  • No growth restriction on Zoe: Check! She actually measured one day ahead of him (which was a very, very slight difference. They each measured an approximate 15 ounces :)
  • Normal babies: Check! The MFM said he saw "no major problems". I said, "Do you see any minor or moderate problems?" and he said in a robot voice, "No problems have been detected at this time."  
Also, the hematoma was not visible at all. So, perhaps it has completely healed. That would rock.

So, it couldn't have been better. My next appointment with them was scheduled for 4 weeks later and it's marked as a "Basic" ultrasound. What does that entail, do you think? Just counting them and making sure they have heartbeats? "Yep - there's still 2 of them. Come back in 4 weeks."  Oh well, it was nice to leave with absolutely nothing to obsess over for a change.

The Mothers of Twins Club meeting was fun.  I didn't expect it to have an open bar!  For some reason that struck me as very funny.  I am now officially a member and have access to their neat-o website with a forum for questions like, "What's the best diaper bag?" and "What convertible car seat does everyone recommend?".  Pretty cool.  They also do fun outings like a hayride and breakfast with Santa & stuff.  I look forward to partaking in that next year!

I guess that's it for me - I will leave you with a few cute pics, as requested by Misty :)

Exhibit B: Zoe's Face

Exhibit C: Whole Zoe

Exhibit D: Egan's Face

Exhibit E: Egan's Feet

Exhibit F: Egan says, "See you next time!"



Courtney said...

YAY for healthy! That's what is the most important. Yay for strong cervix!

They are cuties!

A few more week til viablility! Awesome!

Jill M. said...

What a GREAT report!!!! Great u/s as well!

Jamie said...

What great, great news!! That update couldn't have been better.

I am so happy for you!! Give the babies some love for me.

Sommers Family said...

SO exciting! They are adorable! I am so happy that all is well and they are healthy.

Thanks so much for sharing the u/s pics! And for the

Keep resting and can't wait until viability.

Jennifer said...

Ok, this whole entire blog post is just freakin' awesome. Love it, love it, love it. And that's all I've got. :)

sarah said...

The court recognizes exibits A-F and submits them into evidence of extreme adorableness.

So, so, so, so happy to hear things are going so swimmingly up in your ute. *FX* for continued smooth sailing!

And an open bar? Totally awesome!

Sommers Family said...

Dear Egan and Zoe,

Can you please kick Mama to remind her that we'd like to know how you are all doing? Any news would be great. Hope all is well.