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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter! Also, I Come Bearing Pics!

I meant to do a TWO MONTHS OLD post about three weeks ago, but Forest uploaded the pics to the wrong computer (his work computer) and I couldn't access them. I know - excuses, excuses! 

Here are their best shots (imagine that in a Tyra Banks voice):

Obligatory screaming Zoe pic

She's really growing into this hair bow, no?

We're actually having a caption contest on this picture at work

My sweet boy :)

And now, a random update, in no particular order!

We took them to see the Easter Bunny this morning. Nothing like a little procrastination! And, yes, Zoe really is that much tanner than Egan. How weird!

There was a baby in line right behind us who was exactly the same size as my peanuts...she was 2 weeks old! In fact, she may have been a bit bigger.  We weighed them yesterday and, at 11 weeks old, Egan is 8 lbs 11 oz and Zoe is 8 lbs 12 oz (he's doing a good job of catching up!).

Daycare is going well - they LOVE it. Especially Zoe - she smiles and smiles from the moment we walk in. Egan, being a very serious boy, is not so demonstrative of his enthusiasm, but he has a fun time playing too.  They are everybody's favorite because they're new and teeny.  I know they're in great hands and that is comforting. Plus, they have each other, so they're not out there in the world alone! :)

With 3 weeks down, I'm still finding it to be hard to transition back to being a working mom.  My main complaint is that pumping is not going as well as I expected. I have to pump each evening after their feedings to get the full amount they need (they're taking three 4 oz bottles per day). So that's disappointing. I'm hoping it will get better, but from everything I've read, I should probably be expecting it to get worse! I may need to do the fenugreek or mother's milk tea or whatever. Or I could just get comfortable with them supplementing with formula for their 3rd bottle, but I'd rather not. And it's not because I have anything against formula - Katie had formula when I was in class when she was a babe.  So I don't really know why I'm beating myself up about it.

When I was on maternity leave I was really liking how much I was able to take care of around the house and how many snuggles I was getting. Now that I'm back at work, I'm still trying to keep up with the house but I'm not wiling to sacrifice any snuggle time to do so.  Until Thursday, I was trying to do all of the baby care myself in the evenings unless one of them got REALLY mad while I was feeding or changing the other.  I was secretly resenting Forest for not helping me more - yet I wasn't asking for any help.  It was like I only wanted him to do the "overflow" babycare (just what I wasn't able to get to when I was tending to the other baby) but I was expecting him to read my mind and know when I wanted help and when I didn't.  

For example, he has class on Tuesday nights and then this week he was invited to a happy hour on Wednesday.  I acted like I was fine if he went, but I really wanted him to realize on his own that he shouldn't go - leaving me to do everything two nights in a row. I felt like my choices were to be demanding and "forbid" him to go, or be passive aggressive and give him the cold shoulder when he got back.  I chose the latter, never considering the adult option: talking to him about how I felt.

I finally realized that I was trying to be a martyr and that's just dumb. I have a wonderful husband who has always been downright doting, waiting on me hand and foot, and he wants to take care of the babies, but he was just doing his own thing: waiting for me to tell him what I wanted him to do (that's a man for ya - even the wonderful ones can be dense sometimes).  

So we finally talked about it on Thursday. I said I would just tell him when I needed help rather than doing everything myself, muttering snide, passive aggressive comments under my breath about him not helping, and/or silently resenting him.  He said he would pay more attention and anticipate all of our needs more.  It's been much better the past 2 days :)

The babies are finally giving us big, adorable, toothless grins and it melts my heart every time.  Whenever Egan smiles (his are more stingy than Zoe's) I get so excited, squealing with delight, that I think I scare him and then he looks at me like I'm crazy again.  Oh well.  We're learning more about each other all the time :)

Early-Phase Egan Smile 
(it starts out like this then he opens his mouth really big and sticks his tongue out a bit. It's truly delightful)

Zoe, loving on their new toy and enjoying the Bunny Swing 
(how seasonally appropriate!)

This afternoon I decided they need to play together a little bit. They are usually hanging out on separate boppys, in separate sides of the crib, with separate parents, etc. They seemed to enjoy each other's company and we got some pretty cute looks out of them:

Egan smiling at Mommy; Zoe smiling at Daddy :)

I guess that's all for now. Look for the THREE MONTHS OLD update coming soon! :)


Anonymous said...

I totally just clicked on this to see the pics (since I am on the phone I am too distracted to read right now, I will come back I promise). I just have to say this is why I didnt realize they were almost 3 months old. I didnt see any 2 month pics. Ok so I still cant believe they are even that big didnt you just have them! Those 3 month pics better be coming soon. I mean its not like you have two babies to take care of or anything ;)

BTW BEST EGAN FACE EVER!!! Those twins are awesome!

Anonymous said...

YAY that you talked to Forest and he is helping out more. Dont beat yourself up over pumping. You are doing a wonderful job as a mommy!

'Murgdan' said...

Gorgeous. :-)

Courtney said...

Gorgeous babies!

I was going to email you and make sure you were ok the other day, well now that you have twins too, you understand how I "forgot" in about 20 seconds of coming up with the idea. Sorry!

Let me know if you need anything! MUAH!