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Friday, November 28, 2008

35 Follicles? Pish Tosh

I had an ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. E2 is at 1890 and I have A.LOT.OF.FOLLICLES. I have 12 measurable on my right ovary with the largest being 15 mm and 10 more less than 10 mm. I have 15 measurable on my left ovary (largest also 15 mm) and 5 more less than 10 mm. For a grand total of 42 follicles, 27 of which are possible candidates. Wow-za.
I drop my Follistim dose to 100 units (Lupron still at 10) and go tomorrow for another ultrasound and more bloodwork. So, things are moving right along!
An update on Katie's art class injury. Apparently the culprit was not a "linoleum knife" but a "linoleum cutter", such as this:

Not quite as scary (thank goodness - I was seriously questioning the wisdom of her art teacher).

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fabulous! Ours was good, despite a bit of drama over a Grandfather Clock we got my parents for their 50th Anniversary/Christmas. It's a long and not that interesting story (if you're not a Carter).

Stay tuned for more reports from Follicle Central!


Alex and Jill said...

Man I wish I had 2 ovaries...that's an awesome follicle report!! :)

Praying for you this cycle!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome!

twondra said...

Wow girl!! That's an awesome count!!

Sarah said...

Holy Crapoly! 27 potenitals??? Your body responds like mad to IVF treatments!!

I'm getting so stinking excited!! Do we have a retrival date yet?

Courtney said...

Wow 27 potentials! I wish you the best of luck!

I only have 2 potentials this month- but it only takes one!