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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6dp5dt - No Symptoms; Beta Drawn

I guess I don't really need to fill in this whole post-y part since I gave my whole update in the title there.  I continue to experience no symptoms and I continue to "know" that it is too early for symptoms, but I want them anyway.  There really isn't anything other than nausea that I wouldn't attribute to the progesterone, so I should just pipe down about it, but it's weird to finally be pregnant and feel, literally, no differently.

Thank you all so much for your well-wishes yesterday. You helped make BFP Day the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first beta was drawn today, but the RE's office doesn't call with first beta results. They wait for the results of the second beta to ensure that the numbers are doubling as expected. 

My stomach looks ridiculous due to the Lovenox injections.  I have 3 very large bruises and a ton of little tiny ones for each injection site.  I assure you it's quite lovely looking, really.

Luckily I only have to do the PIO shots every 3rd night. It's some new-fangled, fancy formulation that's long acting.  I then supplement twice daily with the lovely vaginal progesterone suppositories. Ewww.

So, that's all I've got. Zero symptoms...twiddling my thumbs until Friday's 2nd beta result.

Oh, and still over the moon and delighted and thankful and thrilled and overwhelmed with joy :)


Wes and Dani said...

I didn't see your BFP post from yesterday! YAY Amy! So exciting! I'm happy for you. :)

PJ said...

Ugh! It's horrible that they make you wait until the 2nd beta.

I had horrible bruises with the Lovenox for a while too. Now it's MUCH better. Make sure you pinch a lot of fat, and you don't have to go all the way in, about halfway is ok. If you KEEP it pinched until after you pull out the needle, it's better. Do the shot very slowly, it hurts less (less afterburn). And of course, make sure you get that gigantic bubble out of the prefilled syringe before the injection.

I think the bruises are from hitting veins. They can be really hideous!!!

Hope this helps!

AmyC623 said...

PJ - luckily I have TONS of fat to pinch, so I will try that tactic! So your bruising with the Lovenox has stopped?

Tricia said...


I leave the land of blogs and all life forms outside of my children and BOOM your preggie! OMG! I am so happy for you and Forest!

I am going pray doubling numbers for you tonight! How exciting!

twondra said...

So happy for you! Here's hoping you're puking very soon! :) :)

Courtney said...

Totally can't wait for Friday!!!

I am SUPER excited for ya!!

JamieD said...

Delighted and thankful and thrilled for you!! I can't wait to hear Friday's beta results!!

sarah said...

Im so sorry about your tummy! No fun at all. BLAH!

FRIDAY! :D Also, totally loving your little floating reptia-baby! YAY!